Belmont, Perth,

Sun smart message for Ashes heat wave

St John Ambulance Western Australia is advising cricket fans heading to the WACA from Friday for the Ashes Test to be sun smart, with very hot conditions forecast.

The average temperature will be 38 degrees and St John Ambulance Event Health Services General Manager Phil Martin said people can easily suffer heat stroke or dehydration if they don’t do the right thing.

“Slip, slop, slap is an absolute must whether you’re going for the entire Test Match or just one day’s play,” advised Mr Martin.

“We’re reminding people to wear a wide-brimmed hat, smother themselves in 30+ sunscreen and wear a shirt, preferably long-sleeved.”

“The temptation when it’s this hot is to wear as little as possible but that drastically increases your risk of sunburn and heat stroke, as well as putting you at risk of skin cancer in the long term.”

Mr Martin also advised people to keep their fluids up throughout the day.

“That doesn’t mean you should drink lots of beer. Drinking water – and lots of it – is the best way to keep hydrated. If you do plan to have a middy or two, then at least break up each drink with water or at least soft drink.”

Other tips to help keep you cool include:

  • Take regular sun breaks by retreating to a shaded area for an over or two.
  • If you’re accompanied by young children or elderly people, don’t stay all day. The young and the elderly can very quickly by overcome by dehydration and heat stroke.
  • In your bag add a small first aid kit with electrolytes, sunscreen, paracetamol, band aids and insect repellent.
  • And look after your mates: if your friend is starting to resemble a beetroot then suggest they take a break from the sun or reapply sunscreen; or, if it seems like they’ve had one beer too many replace their stubby with a bottle of water.

Mr Martin said if someone does start to feel unwell, seek help from the first aid officers that will stationed around the WACA throughout the Test.