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Stay safe over the New Year

Look out for friends, family in hot weather

St John Ambulance WA has reminded people to take precautions as they prepare to celebrate the New Year.

With continued hot weather predicted there are some things people should do to make sure they don’t become a casualty of the heat.

St John Ambulance metropolitan ambulance general manager Julian Smith said it was common for people to become heat exhausted with temperatures in the 40C range and this situation could be worsened it the person was affected by alcohol or drugs.

“Heatstroke is potentially life-threatening so the first aider must act urgently,” Mr Smith said.

“If someone becomes heat exhausted have them lie down in a cool place with circulating air, loosen tight clothing and sponge with cool water or ice.

If the person is conscious, give fluids to drink and seek medical aid if patient vomits or does not recover quickly.”

He also asked that people are mindful of elderly relatives and neighbours.

“Check in on older people you are close to as they can be more susceptible to heat exhaustion,” he said.

Mr Smith said every family should also have at least one person trained in first aid.

“First aid saves lives – it’s that simple and we really encourage all families to learn life-saving techniques with St John,” he said.

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