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Protect your club with a HeartStart Defibrillator

St John Ambulance WA has partnered with Lotterywest to give away 100 defibrillators valued at $2400 each to non-profit organisations.

St John Ambulance WA spokesman Sally Simmonds said in the event of a cardiac arrest, having a defibrillator on hand could be the difference between life and death.

“A defibrillator would be a valuable piece of equipment for clubs to have – they have the potential to save lives,” she said.

“Every year around 30,000 Australians suffer a cardiac arrest – where the heart stops beating completely. Only about 10 per cent survive, but those odds can be substantially improved with CPR and defibrillation.”

One person who knows all about the benefits of defibrillation is Brad Golding, 16, who collapsed at soccer training on February 5.

Initially helped by two teammates who did CPR, Brad’s heart was jolted back into a regular rhythm when St John paramedics defibrillated him in the middle of the soccer pitch.

Brad, who recently returned to training and playing full time, encouraged clubs and other non-profit groups to apply for a defibrillator.

“I wouldn’t be standing here today if it wasn’t for Kurtis (Rae) and Sav (Ferraro) and the paramedics who came to my aid with the defibrillators,” he said.

“Every second counts when someone is having a cardiac arrest and defibrillators are extremely user-friendly as the machine prompts you through every stage.”

The 100 defibrillators will be linked in with the St John Community First Responder program that aims to get defibrillators to cardiac arrest victims in the time critical period before an ambulance arrives.

Your club or group can apply here:

Applications close 16 August, 2013.

Useful facts:

  • A case study involving the Melbourne Cricket Ground showed that “out of 28 victims of sudden cardiac arrest, 86% left the venue alive,” having been treated at the scene with a HeartStart defibrillator. This is an outstanding success compared to the average survival rate of <5%.
  • There are more than 350 defibrillators across WA linked into the St John Community First Responder program.
  • The chance of survival decreases by 10 per cent for every minute that passes without defibrillation.