Belmont, Perth,

Moderation urged this Easter

15 April, 2014

As most people prepare to celebrate Easter, St John Ambulance Western Australia is appealing for everyone to be sensible – whether they’ll be spending the festive period at home or on holiday.

Last year in WA, St John ambulances responded to nearly 1,800 emergency calls over the four day Easter period, only 20 more than in 2012.

Again this year, St John Ambulance paramedics will be on duty throughout the metropolitan area and strategically placed throughout the regional areas to support volunteer ambulance crews.

Between this Thursday and next Monday afternoon, volunteer ambulance crews in regional areas are anticipating one of the busiest weekends of the year, especially in the South West.

St John Ambulance Metropolitan Ambulance General Manager James Sherriff said last year they attended more than 50 motor vehicle accidents across the long weekend.

“Easter is undoubtedly the busiest time of the year for paramedics in Western Australia, in fact for all emergency services,” Mr Sherriff said.

“While to a small degree it’s understandable as there is more traffic on the roads and people travelling long distances as they head on holidays and visiting friends and family, however many incidents could be avoided if people simply slowed down and used some moderation.”

“Take some extra time to get to your destination; if you’re drinking alcohol, space it with water or soft drink; and, absolutely, don’t drink and drive.”

“It’s basic common sense but at Easter, too many people are intent on letting their own hair down and relaxing, without any care or consideration for the rest of the community, or even their friends and family.”

Last Easter, the highest number of emergency calls to St John was for domestic assaults, with 107 attended by paramedics.

“Unfortunately when you get groups of families and friends together – often with alcohol added into the mix – unfortunately, tensions can boil over and people get hurt,” Mr Sherriff said.” We don’t want people to wake up the next day and regret your actions due to alcohol or illicit drug use.”

“St John is appealing to people to take the lead and choose look after your mates this Easter – whether you’re spending time with friends or family. Show some moderation, even if that means leaving early to avoid confrontations arising.”

“We really do want people to enjoy themselves – and if we all apply some restraint and respect for other people, everyone has a better chance of having a happy Easter.”