Belmont, Perth,

First aid training pays off for Council staff

The benefit of knowing first aid came to the fore at the Armadale Council’s Administration Centre last year when two customer service officers helped a woman who collapsed while being served.

Customer service officers Noeleen Johnston and Leonie Gehring acted without hesitation and commenced CPR on the woman who had stopped breathing.

Noeleen said the training provided to them by St John earlier in 2013 enabled them to help the woman.

"When a customer collapsed and stopped breathing in the reception area of my workplace, myself and a colleague undertook CPR and were able to revive the lady prior to the ambulance arriving," Noeleen said.

"I was amazed at how calm and collected we both were during the emergency, and I believe it was due to the training we received."

The customer service officers were given a special commendation by St John for their efforts and they had also praised trainer Jeanie-Lee Hill, who instructed them during the Apply First Aid course they took in July.

St John Deputy CEO Anthony Smith said to have one person in each household trained in first aid is a goal of St John Ambulance Western Australia.

He said this steadfast commitment to training comes from the belief that anyone can save a life.

"The first 10 minutes after an incident are most crucial, and it is critical that after the call for an ambulance is made you keep the patient’s airway clear and start CPR if the person is not breathing, as has happened in this instance."

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