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clicktosave may save a life at 2013 Leavers Celebrations

School leavers heading to Dunsborough and Rottnest next week are being encouraged to visit and complete the online first aid course as part of their celebration preparations.

St John Ambulance will have first aid crews based at both Leavers Zones, as well as placing local paramedics and ambulance officers on standby in the South West for the entire week of celebrations.

St John Event Health Services General Manager Phil Martin said clicktosave takes just 30 minutes to complete but the benefits could last a lifetime.

“When you witness someone injure themselves, fall unconscious or start vomiting – and you don’t know what to do; you’re most likely to freeze and that can be the worst thing you can do,” Mr Martin said.

“Knowing what to do in an emergency, could be the difference between life and death. Our statistics show that irreversible brain damage begins if you go more than four minutes without oxygen.”

“clicktosave teaches you the essentials: from the initial checks to the steps that you should follow before starting CPR.”

Mr Martin said his team is ready to deal with everything from minor complaints such as heat stroke, headaches, dehydration, sun burn, jelly fish stings and insect bites, to more serious issues like alcohol poisoning and drug overdoses.

“We’re encouraging leavers to party responsibly but if something goes wrong – don’t hesitate to attend the St John post at the Leavers Zone or call triple zero (000). We’re not there to judge or report kids, we’re there to save lives and we need to know what you’ve been up to, to treat you appropriately.”

“You also need to look after your friends so stick together and don’t stay silent if one of you get in trouble, seek help and the St John post is a good start.”

Visit to do the 30 minute online first aid course.