Belmont, Perth,

2,400 students take part in St John Ambulance Youth Challenge

More than 2,400 Perth schoolchildren are taking part in the inaugural St John Ambulance WA Youth Challenge event at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre today.

St John Chief Executive Officer Tony Ahern said the youth challenge aimed at inspiring young people to learn new skills and get them excited about first aid.

“St John has the objective of making first aid a part of everyone’s life so today is about delivering on that,” he said.

“If more people learn first aid, we build a more resilient community. St John operates a world-class ambulance service in Western Australia but those few minutes immediately after an incident are critical in a life and death scenario.

“The better equipped people are to deal with these sorts of scenarios, the better the patient outcomes.

“We think the students attending today will learn some new skills and have fun doing it.”

Mr Ahern said the challenge requires students to apply critical and creative thinking skills such as reason, logic, resourcefulness, imagination and innovation to solve the challenge tasks.

The year 4-7 students attending the event are from 27 Perth primary schools. They will be given a “passport” when they enter the event and they will then participate in various first aid scenarios to get their passport stamped.

In moving through the scenarios, they will learn:

  1.      Vital life-saving skills including the recovery position and the DRSABCD action plan
  2.      Management of external bleeding
  3.      Treating burns and scalds
  4.      Dealing with bites and stings

Students will also get to meet St John paramedics and get a closer look at ambulances.